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Adjustable Flexibility Sanders (AFS Sanders) are a high-quality solution for streetrod builders, custom car shops, and everyday bodymen. The unique combination of flexibility, adjustability, and durability makes these sanders ideal for professionals, but amateurs have done wonders with them as well. AFS sanders are profesionally molded with special materials to ensure you get the right angle and the right flexibility while you’re sanding. Click here for a list of dealers. Also, if you or your company is interested in distributing AFS sanders, please e-mail us or call (651)-459-7167.

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How They Work

By adding or removing flexural rods of same or different diameters in different configurations, you can easily change the pressure-to-flex ratio. In other words, you control how much the sander flexes simply by adding or removing rods. These sanders will pick out low spots that your hand or naked eye will almost always miss.

In the images shown below, you can see how the number of rods inserted effects the stiffness of the sander. This allows you to go from sanding the fender of a 1940 Chevy to the hood of a 1965 Lincoln in a matter of seconds.

Click here to see the sanders in action as Johnny Vasko of The House of Chop in Santa Cruz, CA puts them to use on a 1940 Chevy.

How They're Made

The handles are made with the Aquaflex(TM) system from Utah Foam. Aquaflex(TM) systems are used in molding applications where safety, comfort, and durability are prime essentials. The 36" Standard Sanders come with two sets of rods and will fit most of your sanding needs. They come in 6 convenient sizes (4.5, 9, 15, 21, 27 and 36-inch).

Although AFS sanders outperform all other flexible block sanders by a long shot, they've evolved into something special that is going to be very hard to improve upon - and that's putting it mildly. Ever since AFS started making sanders we knew what it would take to make the very best sanders money can buy. The overall shape of our sanders has so much to do with how well it works and how perfectly it forms to tricky areas.