AFS Sander Prices & Shipping Info

Our sanders are very reasonably priced. Starting at a base length of 4.5 inches and incrimentally priced as length increases. All sanders come with vinyl end caps for the rods to protect your car or project from accidental scratches. You will need the free Acrobat Reader for the order form.

Customer Reviews

I've just spent the last few days sanding my '39 Plymouth sedan with your 21 inch and 27 inch blocks. You were right...they are my new best friends! I thought I had things pretty straight before, but the 27 inch proved me wrong, and has turned the roof and doors into things of beauty. Your blocks are definately the best thing since sliced bread. I've talked to the folks in the hot rod shops around here about them, and have promised to let them try mine as soon as I finish prepping my car. Hopefully you will get some sales out of it, but what I'm really hoping for is that one of them may want to talk about a Canadian distributorship. Thanks again John from a very satisfied customer.


I decided to buy a 'medium' kit from Paul ( 4.5", 9" & 21"), & have to say they're freakin' awesome! I'm not a pro & don't really have any connections to the autobody industry so am on a pretty steep learning curve right now (teaching myself). Having got half way through a restoration on my quattro I was finding it really laborious getting the panels straight, but within the last three days I've done 60% of the car with your sanders & found out that what I spent ages doing before was no where near as straight as I thought it was!

Thanks Again,